Soutenance HdR - Roman Bertoni

Roman Bertoni soutiendra son HdR le 2 décembre dans la salle de thèses du bâtiment 2A. Il invite les collègues de l'IPR à sa soutenance:

"Hello everyone,
You are all very welcome to my Habilitation Defense that will be taking place the 2nd of December at 9:30 in the thesis room building 2A.
In this presentation I will survey my past scientific journey where I've been investigating many photo-induced effects in condensed matter spanning from simple metals to complex molecular systems. A thorough presentation of my ongoing project will also be delivered.
The jury memberd are the following:
_Stefan Haacke, Directeur de recherche, IPCMS, Strasbourg
_Luca Perffeti, Professeur, Ecole Polytechnique
_Laurent Cario, Directeur de recherche, IMN, NANTES
_Renske van der Veen, Assistant Professor, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, Berlin
_Julia Stähler, Professor, Humboldt University, Berlin

We are planning to do a small party in room 116 (building 11A) during the afternoon, feel free to drop by.