Soft matter department

Department presentation

The Soft Matter group works on a wide range of soft materials: granular media, foams, emulsions, bubbles and drops, biological tissues, membranes, proteins. The experimental techniques used are related to optics, mechanics, physical chemistry and biology.


The Soft Matter group includes 5 professors/associate professors, 4 CNRS researchers, 1 Junior Professor Chair, 7 engineers and technicians, and an average of ten PhD and post-doctoral students.

Department composition

Research output

In the last few years, the Soft Matter group has obtained important results on the synthesis of materials from nanoparticles, using a drying process on textured surfaces; on the traffic of drops in microfluidic devices, with the demonstration of chaotic processes;  on the spreading of soluble surfactants, in connection with the development of characterization tools for these surfactants; on the propagation of sound in foams that exhibit acoustic metamaterial properties; on the measurement of plastic deformations in amorphous materials, by light scattering.