Quantitative Imaging: Glass and elastomer

IQ2M team :

The IQ2M team includes professors, post-doctoral fellows and doctoral students who work on various subjects in the mechanics of materials and quantitative imaging. The objective of the work is to enrich the knowledge of the mechanisms of deformation and damage of the material at the local scale by original experiments. This will be achieved by:
1 - the design and development of specific characterisation machines in close interaction with the technical staff, both for the mechanical part and for the control aspects
2 - by original instrumentation combining kinematic and thermal measurements
3 - by image processing to improve (or not degrade) spatial, thermal and temporal resolutions, and to carry out thermomechanical analyses including surface calorimetry
Different types of materials are studied: polymers, metallic materials and glasses. The main studied material is elastomer.

Les personnes impliquées dans l'équipe :

Eric Robin (Maître de Conférences)
Mathieu Miroir (Maître de Conférences)
Jean-Benoît Le Cam (Professeur des Universités)
Mickaël Le fur (Assistant Ingénieur)
Grégoire Delahaye (Doctorant)
Yasser Mouslih (Doctorant)
Adrien Redon (Doctorant)
Bilel Ellafi (Doctorant)