Mechanics and Glasses department

The Mechanics and Glasses department consists of 6 research project teams around a common core activity: the mechanical behavior of amorphous materials
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The Glass and Mechanics department is made of 11 Associate Professors and Professors, 3 CNRS Researchers, 3 engineers and technicians.


The Mechanics and Glasses Department has an original and transdisciplinary position which lies at the crossroads of mechanics, physics and chemistry.
 Innovative experimentation coupled with numerical simulation means have made it possible to develop a recognized research activity on the mechanical behavior of amorphous materials: glasses and elastomers.

Through the founding themes of the design of innovative glasses and the nano / micromechanics of glasses, the department produces important work in: glass synthesis, rheology, functional metrology of surfaces, reversible and permanent deformation, surface damage, crack propagation, service life expectancy. The development of quantitative imaging, in situ experimentation, coupled with work on operational modeling and constitutive law, strengthens its original skills in the field of glasses and elastomers
 mechanical behavior from quasi-static to hyperveloce loading conditions.

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