Materials and light departement

Photo-induced phenomena in molecular materials

Research Topics

Materials can have different states, associated with different properties, that can change under the effect of external constraints such as light, temperature, pressure. To understand the properties of materials, we study their structure and electronic state by diffraction and ultra-fast optical techniques. Our scientific goal is focused on understanding and controlling photoinduced phenomena in molecular materials.

Scientific tools

  • X ray diffraction
  • Large scale facility (X-FEL, synchrotron, neutrons)
  • ultrafast optical pump probe (femtoseconde)

Our department develops in the laboratory its own experiments of X-ray diffraction and optical spectroscopy and realizes and develops experiments at large scale facilities (X-FEL and synchrotrons).

Recent highlights

Coherent structural trapping through wave packet dispersion during photoinduced spin state switching
H. T. Lemke*, K. S. Kjær, R. Hartsock, T. B. van Driel, M. Chollet, J. M. Glownia, S. Song, D. Zhu, E. Pace, S. F. Matar, M. M Nielsen, M. Benfatto, K. J. Gaffney, E. Collet, Marco Cammarata*
Nature Communication, 8, 15342 (2017) - Open access

Elastically driven cooperative response of a molecular material impacted by a laser pulse
R. Bertoni, M. Lorenc*, H. Cailleau, A. Tissot, J. Laisney, M.-L. Boillot, L. Stoleriu, A. Stancu, C. Enachescu, E. Collet*.
Nature Materials 15, 606-610 (2016) - doi : 10.1038/nmat4606

Sequential activation of molecular breathing and bending during spin-crossover photoswitching revealed with femtosecond optical and x-ray absorption spectroscopy
M. Cammarata, R. Bertoni, M. Lorenc, H. Cailleau, S. Di Matteo, C. Mauriac, J.F. Létard, S. Matar, H. Lemke, M. Chollet, S. Ravy, C. Laulhé, E. Collet*.
Physical Review Letters 113 , 227402 (2014) - doi : 10.1103/PhysRevLett.113.227402

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