COLLEXISM : Collisional excitation of interstellar molecules: towards reactive systems

The COLLEXISM project focuses on the theoretical study of inelastic collisions in the gas phase and its astrophysical applications

Few reliable data exist for collisions occurring in the InterStellar Medium (ISM) while their knowledge is one of the keys to model the ISM. We plan to study collisions involving hydrides and the major interstellar species (H and H2). Hydrides are crucial molecules for the understanding of the physicochemical evolution of the MIS. We hope, for this project, to take into account the competition between inelastic and reactive processes existing during collisions between some hydrides such as HS+, NH+ OH+, H2O+ or H3O+ by developing and using statistical and quantum methods in order to obtain accurate data that can also be used to interpret experimental results. The impact of these new data on astrophysical modelling will also be studied.

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