IPR and the International Year of Glass

The Mechanics and Glasses Department actively participates in the events of the International Year of Glass

International Year of Glass

Glass is everywhere and it is promising at a time of ecological transition. The professional and scientific organizations that represent glass in France are organizing exhibitions, symposiums, conferences and open doors for all audiences and all ages throughout the year.

In this context, the Mechanics and Glass Department is participating in several events.

Yann Gueguen (the head of the department) discussed the DMV's activities with Jacques Lucas, founder and former director of the Glass and Ceramics Laboratory at the University of Rennes 1, during the "Café des sciences" program on September 14 at the Champs Libres.

This event was linked to Sciences Ouest n°396 (February 2022). The podcast of the show is online.

The department will also be present at the Fête de Science at the Champs Libres on October 8-9 and 11-12, 2022 with the stand and the exhibition "Le Verre s'expose".

Yann Gueguen will give a conference "Glass, a strange state of matter" on the 6th of December at Champs Libres, for "Mardis de l'Espace de Sciences".